Thursday, 3 September 2009

We're in the Guardian today!

After attending Minibar last friday, We got talking to Victor Keegan from the Guardian.  He was very enthusiastic and interested in what were doing here at Peepex.    Comparing us to Zopa but for currency exchange.  Vic was kind enough to write about our meeting in todays Guardian in his weekly column.    Please go and buy the guardian today if you can or read it here.

We also met Todd Veri from Midpoint and Transfer,  who are also developing a peer to peer currency exchange platform.   It's great to see other people in the same space, it's a huge market and other great companies such as Midpoint can only help build awareness of the huge potential savings consumers can achieve by not using their banks.

The team here at Peepex are really excited about our product and it's great to see other people excited too.   We have had enough of being ripped off by banks and I think a lot of other people are too.   These old tired institutions can't compete with small agile,  innovative and low cost companies such as ours.  The retail sector embraced online in the early days of the web with some incredible success stories (Ebay, Amazon et al) but the financial services sector has been dragging it's heals for years.   But perhaps now we're ready for change, the technology has matured, people are comfortable shopping and banking online.  Perhaps now we can start to rethink how we bank and how we exchange currency?

Victor's article concludes "I wouldn't be surprised if several world-class companies emerged from the startups I encountered that night", we intend to be one of those.


  1. The Guardian article is now online

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